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Anyone growing up in Asian families knows that being served with an over-piled plate or the best parts of the chicken (the drumstick, obvs) at dinner, were ways in which our parents displayed love and affection. These acts of love are more tangible than words could ever impart and are why food can summon such strong emotions of joy, togetherness and even longing for all of us. 

This upbringing — coupled with the Malaysian penchant for discussing dinner plans at lunchtime; and the firm belief that no roadtrip is too long if the perfect, steaming bowl of noodles await — means that we don’t just have food culture. Food is our culture.

Food is our culture. 

That is why Food Foundry is providing honest-to-god, comfort foods that you can commune with. It is our mission to deliver good food that is not just ours, but also from our community’s homecooks and small business owners who dream of turning their passions into vocations. We want to empower them and share their inspiring stories and flavourful creations.